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--Poetry (any style)

--Fiction (General Fiction/Supernatural Stories)

--Creative Non-Fiction

--Art (for Cover and internal illustrations; includes photos and sculpture)

--Fiction (Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Alternative/Flash Fiction

Welcome to Between These Shores Books

Please use the genre links of your choice below to submit your work or to reach our editors.

Between These Shores Books (BTS) is staffed by a team of professionals in their respective fields, all connected in some way with varied literary and arts genres.  We are totally non-profit making, relying on personal donations and the sales of  Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual magazine, which are used strictly for the publication of further books and magazines.  Occasionally a portion may be also be donated to certain literary and arts projects, such as art scholarship funding.

BTS Books was mainly created to give talented new writers a better chance to have their work recognized and published along with that of more seasoned writers, and began by publishing their limited edition books.  


BTS uses many forms of promotion for its writers, and live performance is used whenever possible through such established groups as "The Arts Soiree" in New York City, as well as online networking with other publications.

Most importantly for our submitters, BTS Books has never accepted manuscripts.  Rather, potential authors have always been chosen personally through first-hand knowledge of a writer's ability through trusted referrals and by observation of performance and readings.  Our magazines, Between These Shores Annual, and Capella Bi-Annual Poetry Journal, are now the best ways to have one's work become eligible for book publication.

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