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Is a new ‘Bi-Annual Poetry Journal’ 
Published Spring & Autumn





UNTIL APRIL 30, 2023

Submittors, Please Note These Changes:

  • During this time of global reinvention, in order to avoid continued delays of printing, we have decided to change our submissions time for Capella. We will be printing earlier but Capella won't be for sale until May and October.

  • All spring volume submissions are open between Nov. 1 and February 28.

  • All autumn volume submissions are open between April 1 and July31.   

  • Any submissions which arrive after that time will be allocated for the next forthcoming volume.  Authors may expect submission response time between two and four weeks.



  • This is a Non-Paying Submissions Call 

  • Submit to: Poetry Editor Bob Toynton

  • Cover letter may be sent in body of email.

  • ‘CAPELLA SUB' in the Subject Bar.

  • Submit Three Poems Only.

  • We Accept Almost All Poetry, i. e., some concrete poems may not maintain integrity throughout our layout process. If so, we wll accept a replacement.

  • All Poetry Submissions should contain 50 word only bios, postal address and email in same file with submitted work.

  • WORD Docs. Only and Must Be Editable for formatting.

  • FIFTY word, third person bio, full postal address and email must appear in same WORD DOC. as submitted poems.

  • FONT: 12 pt. Calibri, Tahoma or any 'uncomplicated' font will do. 

  • Please try not to use double spacing between lines whenever possible unless intrinsic to the integrity of the poem.

  • Please try not to exceed 70 lines if possible.

  • No Previously Published Submissions


  • This is a Non-Paying Submissions Call.

  • Submission Time:  Open

  • Submit to Publishing Editor Adele Geraghty

  • Only one artist will be chosen per Volume. 

  • The chosen artist will have their work featured throughout the journal as cover art and internal illutrations. 

  • We Accept ART of all genre including SCULPTURE and PHOTOGRAPHY.

  • Black & White art preferred but will accept coloured art which may be converted to black and white, with the artist's permission.


  • Jpeg. files only, 300 dpi or slightly larger. 

  • Bio of 50 to 100 words must be included in body of email.

  • Artist may include with bio, their own words regarding their work.

  • Submit all art to:  Publishing Editor Adele C. Geraghty at

  • Please include CAPELLA ART SUBMISSION in Subject Bar.

No previously published submissions.


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