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  • This is a Non-Paying Submissions Call 

  • Submit to: Poetry Editor Shiesha McNeil

  • Cover letter may be sent in body of email.

  • ‘CAPELLA SUB' in the Subject Bar.

  • Submit Three Poems Only.

  • We Accept Almost All Poetry, i. e., some concrete poems may not maintain integrity throughout our layout process. If so, we wll accept a replacement.

  • All Poetry Submissions should contain 50 word only bios, postal address and email in same file with submitted work.

  • WORD Docs. Only and Must Be Editable for formatting.

  • FIFTY word, third person bio, full postal address and email must appear in same WORD DOC. as submitted poems.

  • FONT: 12 pt. Calibri, Tahoma or any 'uncomplicated' font will do. 

  • Please try not to use double spacing between lines whenever possible unless intrinsic to the integrity of the poem.

  • Please try not to exceed 70 lines if possible.

  • No Previously Published Submissions


  • This is a Non-Paying Submissions Call.

  • Submission Time:  Open

  • Submit to Publishing Editor Adele Geraghty

  • Only one artist will be chosen per Volume. 

  • The chosen artist will have their work featured throughout the journal as cover art and internal illutrations. 

  • We Accept ART of all genre including SCULPTURE and PHOTOGRAPHY.

  • Black & White art preferred but will accept coloured art which may be converted to black and white, with the artist's permission.


  • Jpeg. files only, 300 dpi or slightly larger. 

  • Bio of 50 to 100 words must be included in body of email.

  • Artist may include with bio, their own words regarding their work.

  • Submit all art to:  Publishing Editor Adele C. Geraghty at

  • Please include CAPELLA ART SUBMISSION in Subject Bar.

No previously published submissions.


Capella, Bi-Annual 

Poetry Journal

Continues to be published 

May and October

Submit to:


Please note the latest changes to Our Guidelines.  SEE BELOW


*Submissions are now being accepted every month 

except December & January.   


**Once we’ve chosen enough poetry for a 

current issue, we may also choose poems for the 

second forthcoming issue 

as well, which will be

 published six months later. 


***If you only want your work considered for the 

current Issue, please include this in your submissions email.


 Thank you,


The Editors

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