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Limited Editions

15 US dollars/10 UK pounds sterling


10 US dollars/10 UK pounds sterling

Riding the Wave

Lorraine Brooks

BTS Books 2010

ISBN 978-0-9565251-1-6



Written and illustrated by Steve Jones

Edited by Adele C. Geraghty


Available for UK sales ONLY

Published in the UK in 2016 by BTS Books

ISBN 978-0-9565251-2-3

About ‘The Hidden Buffalo’…Brandon lives with his Grandpa in a cozy house, in a friendly neighbourhood. He has a great room that’s filled with fun things but , lately Brandon has been afraid, especially at night. When it’s time for bed, he keeps the light on in his room and can’t sleep. Brandon’s Grandpa is worried and wants to know what is making Brandon so fearful. Can Grandpa help Brandon overcome his fears?

"Steve Jones' first book is undeniable positive proof that Grandpas actually know a little something about Monsters and Little Boys. (Believe it, or not!) A charming, comforting bedtime read."





“A stunningly beautiful book with lovely illustrations that are both aesthetically appealing and emotionally evocative, “The Hidden Buffalo” tackles the challenge of empowering children to overcome their nightmares. The vividness of our imagination - especially in dreams, is quite powerful. In this story it alternately delights and terrifies.
Steve Jones’ story features loving adults who attend sensitively to the children’s needs using reality testing and gentle encouragement to face their fears”.


LAURA LOUMEAU-MAY, MPS, ATR-BC, LPC is a credentialed art therapist and an adjunct professor at Caldwell University and Ramapo College. As a clinician, she works primarily with bereaved youth, and has published several book chapters about this topic. Her work with children of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City was featured on ABC Primetime and is included in three DVD’s by Dr. Judith Rubin. She has served on the boards of the New Jersey Art Therapy Association and the American Art Therapy Association.

“Steve Jones’ gift for art, combined with his years of experience teaching, lends to his insight into children's beliefs and fears. ’The Hidden Buffalo’ will definitely be the one to read when children need hugs, kisses and of course reasurement that everything is alright...simple...but true”.

GAIL E. ALLOUF, Founder and Creative Instructor of ‘Creative Station Studio’, inspiring and raising children’s confidence through creative process.



“It was a pleasure and honor to review this debut book from Steve Jones. ‘The Hidden Buffalo’, being most suitable for children in grades one to three, is an enjoyable read with delightful illustrations. It faces children’s fears while handling them with understanding and sensitivity”.


Jana M. King is an art teacher with over thirty years experience and is currently the Coordinator/Lead Teacher for an Arts Integrated Program in Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Public Schools, incorporating the arts into the K-12 curriculum. She is the owner of graphic design company ‘I Go LOGO’.


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