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Between These Shores Books (BTS) is staffed by a team of professionals in their respective fields, all connected in some way with varied literary arts genres. We are totally non-profit making and all proceeds from the sales of our books are used strictly for the publication of further books and magazines, and occasionally a portion may be donated to certain literary and arts projects.

BTS Books was created in 2007, though its roots reach back to 2001 when it was a liver performance, pairing poetry and Archaeology. BTS was mainly created to give talented new writers a better chance to have their work recognized and published, and it began by publishing their limited edition books.

BTS uses many forms of promotion for their writers, and live performance is used whenever possible through such established groups as "The Arts Soiree" in New York City, as well as networking with other publications such as Gold Dust Magazine.

Most importantly for our submitters, BTS Books has never accepted manuscripts. Rather, potential authors have always been chosen personally through trusted referrals, observation of performance and readings, or by first-hand knowledge of a writer's ability. Our Between These Shores Annual magazine is now the best way to have one's work chosen for the annual, as well as for book publication.

All of our authors are personally chosen.

Adele C Geraghty

Publishing Editor


Adele C. Geraghty is the recipient of ‘The US National Women's History Award' for Excellence in Women's Related Poetry and Essay. She is the author of the poetry collection ‘Skywriting in the Minor Key: women, words, wings’ and Poetry Editor of 'Gold Dust Magazine'. Adele studied Creative Writing with Pulitzer Prize nominee Daisy Aldan, and art with master artist Thomas F. Naegele. This evoked a lifelong appreciation of merging the literary and the graphic, which was her foundation for creating ‘Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual’. Adele’s graphic art and written work have been published internationally in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies and have also been radio broadcast in both the United Kingdom and the United States. She is a member of ‘The Arts Soiree’ of New York, ‘The Patched Fools Ballards’ of Newcastle, UK and ‘UK Authors’ web-site. Her appearances include New York's ‘The Bowery Poetry Club’, London’s ‘Barbican Library’ and television show 'Cafe Improv' at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, Princeton University, New Jersey.

Robert Dunsdon

Robert Dunsdon lives near Oxford, in the UK. He has been, variously, a researcher with New Scotland Yard, a layout and paste-up artist, driller with the Institute of Geological Sciences, retail manager and labourer. His work has been widely published in literary reviews, anthologies and newspapers, including, amongst others, 'Ambit', 'Purple Patch', 'Candelabrum', 'Pennine Platform', 'Decanto', 'The Sunday Times', 'Inclement', 'Sarasvati', 'The Blue Nib', 'Pulsar', 'The Cannon’s Mouth', 'Allegro' and 'Picaroon Poetry'. Robert is a great admirer of poets John Clare, Stevie Smith and Louis MacNeice. Outside of poetry he has a particular interest in the English visionary painter Stanley Spencer, who combined strong imagery with an underlying emotion sincerely felt. It is these  qualities Robert looks for when reading submissions to Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual.

Lorraine C Brooks


Feature and Review Writer

Podcast Producer


Lorraine recently retired from State University of New York, where she was the host of a weekly cable-tv show called "Health Center". She and her guests focused on emerging public health concerns and issues. She is a founding member of Red Round Group, a collaborative of artists and musicians presenting works in person and on film. Red Round Group regularly participated in, and won awards in the 24-Hour Film Race in NYC. A trained artist, Lorraine graduated from the prestigious HS of Art and Design in NYC.  She has works in collections in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, and the Caribbean. Her works recently were shown at the Women's History Collective in Seneca Falls, NY, and appeared in Shanti Arts Quarterly, and in a one-woman show at Island Arts in Brooklyn NY.  Also an accomplished poet, her works appear in Between These Shores Literary Arts Annual, Not A Muse, and Odyssey journal of the arts, as well as her own book of poetry, "Riding the Wave". She is a regular contributor to the Podcast "Diabetes Late Nite", where her poetry describing life as a person with Type 1 diabetes has been well received and described as "wholly and magnificently brave and humbling". Lorraine is an excellent writer of prose and essays, and her book and poetry reviews are sought-after for their incisive and thoughtful content. She also serves as BTS Books' Webmaster.

Stacia Lynne

Feature and Review Writer


Stascia Lynne is a writer and award winning visual artist residing in New York City. Her poetry can be found in 'The Colors of Life 2001', and magazines 'Scarlet Literary 2010' (for which she was nominated for the Pushcart Prize), 'The F Word' and 'Gold Dust Magazine 2011'. Stacia's graphic art has appeared in 'Colours of Life' and the poetry collection 'Skywriting in the Minor Key: Women, Words, Wings' (BTS Books 2010), for which she was co-illustrator. Stascia's art has won numerous awards . She is an Assistant Producer for Two Tone Rambler Theater and was featured in the documentary: ‘Staying on My Feet’.  Her short stories have appeared in Joe Relativity Magazine 2011. She is also an Assistant Producer for Two Tone Rambler Theater.

Ingrid Bruck

Network and Resource Editor


Ingrid Bruck is the author of Finding Stella Maris (2019, Flutter Press), a poetry collection. She has worked with British and US Peace Corps at Proyecto Lingüista Francisco Maroquin in Antigua, Guatemala in the early Seventies. Her first job out of library school was establishing a library for original linguistic research on unwritten Mayan languages. The project’s goal was to preserve the knowledge of Mayan languages within the country. She earned $50 a month (a living wage), paid by the Indian Institute of Guatemala, the same agency that paid Peace Corps volunteers. She was present in the end days of the collapse of Mayan culture and language that was buried under waves of government sponsored genocide. Her memories of that time, place and people remain vivid, even though they happened almost two-lifetimes ago. Today, Ingrid grows wildflowers, makes jam and writes short form poetry and fiction. She’s a retired library director living in the Amish country of Pennsylvania in the US, spends as much time as she can with grandchildren and writes all the time. Current works appears in ‘Between These Shores Annual’, Halcyon Days, The Song Is… and Naturewriting. Her Poetry website: ingridbruck.com

Ed King

Contributing Artist

 Ed King is a cartoonist, teacher  and caricature artist. He was born and raised in New York City where he studied Cartooning with Tom Naegele at the High School of Art & Design. His cartoon work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, including Highlights for Children, Spider, Portland Monthly, and Mainebiz. He wrote and illustrated two series of children’s activity books- ‘Gus is Gone’ and ‘The Hoadleys’ - for Checkrboard Press in New York City. He was the letterer for the ‘Star Wars’ comic strip from 1981 to 1985, and lettered the comic book adaptations of the ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘Bladerunner’ movies. He also did comic book lettering for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and many independent comic companies. He was the founder, editor and publisher of the West End NEWS in Portland, Maine from 2001 to 2013. He has published two collections of his cartoons - ‘Just Between You and Me’ and ‘Alternative Facts’. He is currently working on a memoir ‘Dancing With Cancer’, and ‘The Illustrated Mueller Report’. 

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