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Who we are

Adele C Geraghty

Publishing Editor

Robert Dunsdon

Slavko Mali

Illustrative Editor-in-Chief

Slavko Mali, is Illustrative Editor-in-Chief of Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual. He created the iconic cover art and was the first 'Featured Artist' for the inaugural launch of BTS Annual in 2017, in which his works, both written and illustrative appeared throughout te annual. His work was described in the following way: 'Mali's art runs the gamut from mystical to horrific. The beauty of Mali's work is in its serious mystique. His images are a convoluted cross-hatch of madness and divine inspiration. Imagine a hybrid of these styles; Salvador Dali, Robert Crumb, Hieronymus Bosch, and a touch of American Gothic and Eastern European Folk Art. Even the most light-hearted of his illustrations harbour a dark nuance, an underlying flip-side of monsters in wait. Magnetic, provocative and disturbing, his alternative cartoons and captivating illustrations are nothing if not irresistible and thoroughly enjoyable'.  Slavko has also been an Illustrator and member of Gold Dust Magazine Editorial Team, London, since 2012, with whom his short stories have also been published.  Slavko is recognised both domestically and internationally, having been awarded in the fields of illustration, comics, standard and short stories, posters, songs, and poetry. His work has been produced in electronic and printed editions, which include ten anthologies of varying art genre, as well as many competitive collections of poetry and short stories.  He is the First Prize winner of Poetry at the 'International Competition of the magazine "Entrance"', (Zrenjanin, Serbia). Slavko's work has further been published in international journals: 'U - Direct; (Chicago, USA), 'Farago' (USA), 'Kairan' (Osaka, Japan), 'Obsolete' (New York), 'Homeless Diamonds' (London), 'Dream Magazine' (Nevada City, USA), 'Andromeda Quarterly' (Pittsburgh), 'Pouet Cafe' (Montreal, Canada), 'Komikaze' (Croatia), 'West Herzegovina' (BiH), and 'Urban Comics' (Macedonia) . Slavko's  fanzines were also successfully sold in Melbourne, Australia, by publisher 'Sticky', in the subway store for alternative editions. Slavko lives in Prokuplje, Serbia where he works as a journalist and is currently collecting stories for a forthcoming book.

Ingrid Bruck

Network and Resource Editor

Lorraine C Brooks


Feature and Review Writer

Podcast Producer

Lorraine recently retired from State University of New York, where she was the host of a weekly cable-tv show called "Health Center", where she and her guests focused on emerging public health issues. She is a founding member of Red Round Group, a collaborative of artists and musicians presenting works in person and on film. A trained artist, Lorraine has works in collections in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, and the Caribbean. Her works recently were shown at the Women's History Collective in Seneca Falls, NY, and appeared in Shanti Arts Quarterly. Also an accomplished poet, her works appear in Between These Shores Literary Arts Annual, Not A Muse, and Odyssey journal of the arts, as well as her own book of poetry, Riding the Wave. Lorraine is an excellent writer of prose and essays, and her book and poetry reviews are sought-after for their incisive and thoughtful content.

Stacia Lynne

Feature and Review Writer

Stascia Lynne is an award winning artist residing in New York City. Her poetry can be found in The Colors of Life 2001, Scarlet Literary Magazine 2010 (for which she was nominated for the Push Cart Award), Gold Dust Magazine 2014. Her short stories have appeared in Joe Relativity Magazine 2011. She is also an Assistant Producer for Two Tone Rambler Theater.