Shore Line Series: 2021 - 2022

      Our first Shore Line Series Books have been chosen and will begin publication during 2021. Watch our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements.  


Forthcoming Books are:



‘Roller Coaster’ by David Turner 

Long Awaited Poetry Collection In the Classic

Style from the previous Poetry Editor of ‘Gold Dust

Magazine’.  This semi-auto-biographical collection takes

the reader on a roller-coaster ride of the breathtaking

highs and the soul-destroying lows of living and creating,

while battling Bi-Polar Disorder. 








































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From the cover:


"Forests of Silver, Forests of Gold isn't simply a collection of short stories based on fairytales and lore, but a shimmering tapestry woven of family ties, unconventional paths tread by bold women, camaraderie, sacrifice, humour, and wisdom. Collins sprinkles in plenty of old, earthy magic to keep these stories grounded, and enough chilling moments to keep us on our toes - I highly recommended this collection."

                                                                                            (Kate Garrett, author of Hart & Ha'penny and Magical Editor of 'Mookychick'.)


'Collins's witty and imaginative take on traditional folk tales and fairy stories, often with a knowing feminist twist, makes entertaining reading.'  

                                                (Professor Catherine Spooner, Department of English Literature and Creative Writing, Lancaster University.)

‘Forests of Silver, Forests of Gold’  

by Christina Collins

First time collection of fairy tales-retold by this gifted storyteller.

‘Forests of Silver, Forests of Gold’  

is a clever twist of olde wives tale wisdom and modern feminist practicality. 

Ms. Collins’ magic captivates with the turn of each successive page. 

 An alluring read for anyone wanting some common sense with their whimsy. 

‘I Have Time To Remember’ by Donna Joy Kerness 

 The never before told memoir of the Classic 1960’s Underground Era 

Film Star, plus model & muse to Pop Era artist George Segal.  

A spicy slice of history told by a woman with a lust for all that life could offer. 

A must read!

‘Squeals of Delight’ by Alan Donaldson 

A first collection of short stories, by this popular oral story-teller; each with a ‘twist-in-the-tail' ending.

Having met with great popularity on the open mic circuit, Al Donaldon’s stories are now available to all

in this first delightfully diverse collection.