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Diving For Pearls

Online writers' resources by Ingrid Bruck


Ingrid Bruck is an editor at Between These Shores.  She was a featured writer in BTSA Issue #2. Her column is devoted to online writer resources. She found her own writer support community online. Writing this column is one way of "paying it forward". 

Diving for Pearls: Online Writers Resources

BTS Books strives to be a writers resource. Toward that end, we invite writers to share their information, link, and news of interest for the literary community. 

Email your pearls of resources for writers to:

Ingrid Bruck, Network and Resource Editor


November 2023

Read More to Write Better


A baby crawls first and then it walks. A writer writes and writes and writes some more, in just the same way. It's the principal of practice makes perfect. And so we writers practice more to develop our craft. After all, the more we write, the better our skills as a writer.  


Part of learning how to write is based on the life skills we accumulate in the simple act of being alive. Anther part is reading--it's how we extend and grow our minds. Good writers are readers. Writers who read can learn much from successful writers who have developed their craft.  


This month I share with you a book map that I found on a daily news website called 1440: All of your news. None of the bias. 1440 is a free online news site that summarizes current daily news without an overt left-or-right spin.  Here's a link to the 1440 signup page:


Of special interest to writers is their daily final column, Etcetera. On Etcetera, 1440  runs a general list of featured general interest links. I really enjoy and appreciate this feature called "Etcetera". The list in the form of a hodgepodge contains a wealth of cultural information: photos, art, science, math and other general life topics.  


I hope you enjoy this colorful map of 100,000 Books, from 1440's "Etcetera" feature.


May this month's link to a book map lead you to many hours of good reading and writing in November


Recently received from a loyal reader:

I volunteer with a creative writing club for children and we wanted to let you know how helpful the Between These Shores web page, , has been for us!

We meet once a week & work on various writing prompts, and the kids bring in short stories & narratives that we all go over... It's a lot of fun! For National Poetry Month were working on a lot of poetry, and we got a ton of new ideas from the poetry month resources you have on that page.. I have a girl in the group (Chelsea, one of the youngest we have, actually) who suggested we thank you! She's already quite a gifted writer, and she wanted me to share this awesome poetry resource that she found. She brought it to our meeting and we all thought it was really informative.. she thought you'd be interested in it too:

Michele Wilson and the CPL Young Writers Club

Young Businesswoman
Sketching Pencils
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