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'Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual'- Issue 3 

Please see our guidelines below. 

We accept Poetry, Short Stories, Creative Non-Fiction, Illustration, Cartoons and Photography. Book Reviews are welcome. 

BTSA is created in the tradition of Charles Dickens' legendary annual 'All The Year Round' Winter-Christmas Editions, offering an assortment of literary and graphic creations for reader's winter and holiday entertainment. Like Dickens' annuals and in keeping with a time-honoured tradition of winter story-telling, beside our general stories, authors are welcome to send us ghostly, horror and supernatural stories as well as standard ones. All accepted authors will receive a free PDF copy of BTSA and a reduction for the purchase of one or two print copies. 


ALL SUBMITTED WORK (general guidelines):
Original work only. All literary styles considered but, we do not accept blatant erotic or pornographic content. We mainly prefer unpublished work but will accept previously published work with proof of copyright/ownership by the author. All submissions in English. If translated, credit must be given to the translator.


POETRY: All styles including experimental. No more than 3 poems per submission. We prefer poems not to exceed 40 lines but we will overlook this for those we feel are outstanding.

GHOSTLY/ HORROR/ MYSTERY/ FANTASY/ THRILLER/ SUPERNATURAL POETRY: The line count for these poems may be extended to 100 lines or more but, shorter poems are preferred. No more than 3 poems per submission.  General story guidelines apply.

SHORT STORIES: All types including flash fiction. One story per submission, not to exceed 5000 words if at all possible.

CREATIVE NON FICTION: Any topic, between 2500 and 3000 words.
REVIEWS: To have your book considered for review, please contact us with BOOK REVIEW in the subject bar and a brief cover letter in the body of your email. If chosen, we will contact you for a copy.

GRAPHIC ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Any style, the more diverse the better. We are also happy to accept submissions which may illustrate our ghostly stories and poetry, as well as our general works. All submissions must be original works of the artist/photographer, in high resolution jpeg. 300 dpi. Colour Cover Art welcome.

General guidelines apply to all stories and poems in any genre.


PLEASE SEND POETRY SUBMISSIONS TO between 1st January & 3oth June, 2019. 
Please put BTSA SUBMISSION ISSUE 3 in the subject bar



Please include a brief 50 to 150 word third person bio with cover letter and postal address, in the body of your email.

Please send all written submissions in 12. pt. Calibri text, single line spacing. 

PLEASE...ABSOLUTELY NO HEADERS, FOOTERS or double spacing between sentence end and next sentence. 



All accepted submitters will be notified by end of September and BTSA Issue 3 will be published in November.