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Literary and Arts Annual

The idea for Between These Shores Literary and Arts Annual (BTSA) was several years in the making when, finally, their first call for submissions posted in 2016. Through their submissions to us, BTSA writers will not only provide a source from which to choose the content of the annual, but for future book publications as well. Those writers who have a good chance of taking their work further may be offered book publication. When this is not the case, whenever possible we refer authors to other sources, which may be more receptive to their particular works. There is no limit to how often one may submit to BTSA, so there is always a chance to have one's work included in the Annual.

Between These Shores Annual is based loosely on the annuals of Charles Dickens, such as "All The Year Round" and most especially, his winter/Christmas issues. In keeping with Dickens' use of relating traditional winter ghost stories, BTSA accepts both standard stories and poems, as well as those of supernatural content. We also accept Creative Non-Fiction covering any subject.

As was the case with Dickens' books, readers will be able to acquaint themselves with the BTSA Creative Team, by reading and seeing their work in its pages along with their own. BTSA aims to merge the literary and graphic arts, while promoting the belief that all arts are intrinsically necessary and connected.

Between These Shores Annual has quickly become a literary stage for emerging as well as established writers, and is now read in more than ten (10) countries. 


Please carefully read and adhere to our list of submission guidelines before submitting your work.

For further information, please contact:

Adele C. Geraghty, Publishing and Stories Editor -


Robert Dunsdon, Poetry Editor -

Ingrid Bruck, Non-Fiction Editor -

Issue #1
ISSUE 1 Cover.jpg
Issue 1 COVER back.jpg


Writers and Artists from 8 Countries

14 stories

54 poems

Cartoons, Illustrations, Fine Art


Book Reviews, Interviews and Features

12.00 US Dollars

10.00 British Pounds Sterling

Issue 3COVER back.jpg
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